The Beginning
As a kid I was one of the toughest little tomboys ever.  At the age of seven,  I began smoking anything and everything I could get my hands on because I thought it was so cool and tough to smoke.  I would sneak my uncle's cigars, roll rabbit tobacco, or search out discarded cigarette butts along the street.

At the age of  sixteen when I began working after school,  I was able to buy my own non filtered cigarettes.  The stronger the better, or so I thought.  Of course in those days there was no age limit to purchase tobacco.  Then as a young adult in my twenties, I finally downgraded to filtered cigarettes.

I tried many times without success to quit.  Two different times, I even managed to quit for a whole year, but I never got over the desire to smoke.  So in every case I ended up renewing this nasty habit while becoming more addicted each time.  I am the kind of smoker that puts one cigarette out with one hand while reaching for another one with the other hand, a chain smoker in the truest sense.

However, with the triple increase in the cost of cigarettes recently, I suddenly found I could no longer afford this lifelong addiction.

In my endeavor to locate affordable cigarettes, I came across this new-fangled gadget called an electronic cigarette.  The more I read the more excited I became.  Although this little gadget is NOT A STOP SMOKING DEVICE, it turned out to be the  greatest  alternative to traditional cigarettes for me.   I use it in many places that smoking is not allowed including the  doctor's office, restaurants, and retail stores.  The cost is less than half the cost of my traditional cigarettes.   But the best part is that I can honestly say I prefer the electronic cigarette over traditional cigarettes any day - any time!  And if you knew me like I know me, you would have to agree that th
is is a miracle.

After smoking three packs a day for over fifty years,  I switched to the new smoke.   Try the greatest alternative to traditional cigarettes at less than half the cost. 

It's true - vapor is the new smoke.  Read my testimony below.

Make your e-cigarette a classic, with Johnson Creek.
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